Apr 26, 2012


Tulip has always been my favourite flower... and  especially during difficult time like I'm having right now, I would always think of something I adore just to keep me sane. The first thing that cross my mind is the colouful buds of tulips...they are so sweet and never fail to put a smile on my face albeit for just a moment when I need it the most...



Having no time write longer, I just wanna share this interesting facts I found here. Have fun reading...

Interesting & Amazing Information On Tulip Plant & Flowers 
  • Tulip is the third most popular flower in the world, next only to rose and chrysanthemum.
  • Holland has dominated the tulip market of the world. The flower was introduced in the country by Carolus Clusius, when he was appointed as the professor of Botany, at Leiden University.
  • Tulip is a flower in the genus Tulipa, which comprises of about 150 bulbous species.
  • Tulips come in a wide array of vibrant colors, like red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and many more.
  • Tulip flowers generally have 2-6 leaves; though some species have been have to have up to 12 leaves.
  • There are nearly 3000 varieties of tulips, known by various names.
  • The average height of a tulip plant ranges from 10-70 centimeters.
  • Usually, tulips have one flower per stem, but a few species have up to 4 flowers in a single stem.
  • The colorful and attractive tulip flowers consist of three petals and three sepals. There are also six petaloid tepals, which are marked with darker markings near the base of the flower.
  • Classification of tulips can be done on the basis of the blooming season, parentage and various floral characteristics. They are generally divided into 15 classes.
  • Tulips are available in the months of November to May only and have a life span of only 3-7 days.
  • Tulips originate from mountainous areas enjoying temperate climates. They are best grown in climates having a long, cool spring and early summers.
  • A well-drained, airy and loamy soil is required for the cultivation of tulips.
  • Tulip plants need to be protected from small animals, like squirrels, rabbits and gophers.
  • The vibrancy and attractiveness of tulips are the main reasons for their great demand all over the world.
  • Tulips are used for making flower bouquets as well as other floral arrangements. In fact, they form an integral and important part of wedding decoration.
  • Tulip is the national flower of Turkey.
  • Tulip flowers are considered to be a symbol of perfect lovers, their passion, love, romanticism and dreaminess.

It's time of the year...

I've always been waiting for this time of the year...Yep, KL book fair..



only if I had more time to bury myself in all those books...

Apr 6, 2012


So, after almost three agonizing months finally our school has been certified with 5S certification by the MPC yesterday. Fifth of April will always be a memorable date for all of us when all our efforts has been paid off with the most consequential announcement by En. Mohd Tajuddin, the visiting auditor from MPC.

En. Mohd Tajudin (right) and the principal

Prior to his conclusive visit yesterday, he came to our school  for pre-audit on 23rd  of March. Apparently, it is how it works, the MPC come to have a visit about a week or two before the real audit/certification for some last minute advice and suggestions.  Then, if we comply with what he had suggested, we'd get the certification...

Sounds simple, right? But the reality is not that straight forward...we had to go through a lot of hard labor and sweat and misunderstanding and whatnot in order to make it work. Well, finally it's over and we can move on with our daily routine without pinning on it anymore. (at least for the time being coz this 5S thing does not stop with the certification and it will expire in one year so we have to maintain it...haish)

En. Mohd Tajuddin during his first visit, 2 weeks ago
On the eventful day, all the teachers were wearing our school corporate attire and waited for him eagerly and expectantly as we desperately wanted to get over with it. And, we did it...
Congratulations to all...

The teachers were all ears with anticipation...

En. Halim, our 5S coordinator

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