Aug 19, 2011

Finally, I'm done!

Finally, I've finished keying in the marks and targets for all my four classes today... Alhamdulillah, after I've been trying for weeks...below is an excerpt from The Star stating that this new system has been pressuring the teachers all over the country lately...Thank God, I'm done (for now, there'll be more after the trial and final exam...huhu...)

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) has asked the National Key Results Area (NKRA) unit in the Education Ministry to improve the online school examination analysis system, known as SAPS, immediately.
NUTP secretary-general Loke Yim Phing said the union had received numerous complaints on SAPS from teachers throughout the country.
SAPS was introduced in July to centralise examination results from all states.
“The teachers are stressed out waiting for hours to key in the data,” she said at Wisma NUTP here yesterday.
Loke voiced her concern over classroom lessons being affected because teachers were too busy keying in data while the system was working during school hours.
She suggested that the NKRA unit extend the deadline from Aug 15 to the end of the month.
The school exams online data analysis system is not working out well as teachers complained that it was not user-friendly and slow.
The system, known as System of Analysis for School Examination, has caused frustration among teachers.
Under the Education National Key Result Area initiative, teachers are required to submit the exam data online.
Many teachers described the portal as “extremely slow” and not user-friendly.
“The system often hangs due to heavy traffic. We are advised to use it late at night or early in the morning when the portal is less busy,” said a teacher. Bernama

Aug 12, 2011

Change of heart

A couple of months ago, one of our colleagues had made a drastic move when he decided to leave the teaching profession and to join a business with a friend or rather, a couple of his friends. The business sounded lucrative as I heard he was determined to apply for early retirement and forget about teaching. Nonetheless, our principal had advised him against the idea and asked him to apply for an  unpaid leave instead (to which he agreed to...)

His departure came as a shock to many of us, but some had already suspected so. There was no secret that he was doing the business apart from teaching... and everybody was aware of the fact that he was driving a big continental car (which obviously ordinary teachers like us can't afford, unless we're married to a businessman/woman or a contractor. I know quite a number of them who have super rich spouse but that is beside the point). 

Well, he just left without saying goodbye properly and we were just hoping all the best to him as we know that he was really going (for good). There were actually mixed reactions as he was leaving, some didn't really care as it doesn't have an immediate affect on them but for the others (esp. those who are in the same department with him) it was like having one part of their body ripped off from them.  Pity them, they had to cover for his classes and even mark the exam paper on his behalf...

Eventually, they had accepted the fact that he was gone and got by just fine ... However, there was another surprise for every body at school when he was sort of suddenly coming into sight two weeks ago. Initially, most of us assumed that he just came to pay a visit to old colleagues but we thought wrong, he came to rejoin the rest of us to teach...

Well, the point here is that no matter how lucrative the business world might seem out there, it will not work for us if we are not ready for it. And another thing, I don't think that teaching has lost its shine - it's us, the teachers who've made it loses its shine...just think about it.

Aug 7, 2011

Ramadan obsessions

So, this is my new obsession for this fasting month. Tepung pelita has always been my all time personal favourite during the month of Ramadan and this year is no exception. Honestly speaking, I've never bothered to think about this kuih in any other months but during Ramadan, it will be the first thing that cross my mind and luckily my hubby as if he could read my mind bought this kuih for four straight days. (with the exception of the first day since he couldn't find a parking space due to overcrowded and overexcited buyers at the Bazaar).  

This is another obsession during Ramadan, Nani loves these spring rolls so much so we decided to make our own yesterday, it tastes a lot better than the ones we bought at the bazaar, plus we can choose our own filling and sauce. The ingredients and the preparations are so easy and it doesn't require much time to from now on, we'll do it ourselves.....

This whole grilled chicken is the first trial after my hubby bought half of the chicken the day before for RM11. We bought this whole chicken for the same price and tried it for the first time, it was not bad at all. This one with traditional flavour, next time we'll try it with black the one at Kenny Rogers, hehe...

Bubur Chacha or any other sweet porridge like this is like a nostalgia during the Month of Ramadan. I remember eating a lot of sweet kuihs during this month ever since I was a child, until now I can't help it and just can't ignore these sweet dishes. Since early this year, I really watch out for food cooked with coconut milk but now it seems almost everyday I eat something cooked with it.....hopefully, it will compensate with the previous months' healthy eating habit and fasting during the days..... hopefully, coz  today I think I'll have buah melaka...yet another sweet dish with coconut...huhu....

Aug 4, 2011

Walk the talk

Saying goodbye has become a commonplace to me lately especially in the past few months. Since  in the middle of June this year, there are more than five of my friends/colleagues were saying goodbyes to us. Most of them had been transferred to a new school, two on early retirement and one of them is going to further her study (fully-paid leave).

Some of them were really sad to leave the school while some seemed to be very happy to get away from the school...Anyway, for whatever reasons they are leaving I'm just wishing them all the  best .....

Nonetheless, there's one tiny teeny thing that I found distracting and still can't put my mind off it. In her farewell speech, one of my colleagues did really say all nice things about us and her advice was really good and inspiring for us who are still staying and continuing our duties to educate the students. But when she was talking about herself and what she'd done (all good things, of course)...and how she felt about it....I think it's really unnecessary.....

Even though I don't know her personally, there was a time when we happened to work together I found that she was not exactly as how she described herself cause she didn't perform her duty like she claimed. (I'm not judging anyone here, but I suppose it's better to be judged by others rather than by ourselves...)

I would respect her if she had done all her duty with integrity, not by pushing people around. I'm sure everybody would respect anybody who performs his/her duty with all his/her heart.......and if she really walks the talk, noboby will question her we know talk is 'cheap' but when it comes to implementing what has been said is quite a tough job for some people....thus, they just talk and talk and talk..... and at the end of the day, other people are left to carry out their duties....hmmmm, how convenient! Guess who will get the credits?

I'm always marvelled by the fact that some people can really say all nice things about themselves and show off their achievements when the reality is just the opposite....

If we can really walk the talk, I'm sure everybody will repect us if not they will just respond with the ever famous Malay expression "cakap tak serupa bikin'

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