Sep 22, 2011

Foods for sound sleep

From time to time, I would face some difficulty to get a good night's sleep. I believe it is one of the common problems that we face especially when we have a big event going on the next day... thus in my search for some tips, I stumbled upon this wonderful site which offers some great ways to fight insomnia through what you eat/drink ...The excerpt below can be found here

The causes of sleeping problems can be very diverse, as well as the remedies to treat them, including even some certain foods. Read on to find out which foods are considered to be the best option when it concerns good sound sleep.
A good sound sleep is one of the health guarantees. The lack of sleep can cause various disorders. Proper food choices can really help to get rid of insomnia and other sleeping problems. Learn what you should eat (or drink) for good sound sleep.

Chamomile Tea

This miraculous herbal drink can calm you down before the bedtime, besides it fills our body with warmth that naturally makes us sleepy. So a good cup of chamomile tea half an hour before the bedtime will make all your sleeping problems disappear.
Honey is another ‘sleepy’ food choice that works on the reduction of orexin production in human’s brain. The matter is that orexin is the neurotransmitter that is charged with wakefulness. The rise in blood sugar reduces the production of it that naturally leads to a healthy sleepy state.
Dairy Products

Such dairy products as milk, cottage cheese, or yogurt is a good food choice for sound sleep. Dairy contains tryptophan that is the key point in the production of serotonin in human’s brain. Serotonin in its turn provides us with the feelings of sleepiness and relaxation. Thus a glass of milk or yogurt just before the bedtime will pave the way for good sound sleep.

Melatonin is another hormone that is considered to be promotive of sound sleep. And cherries are one of the best melatonin sources. Moreover cherries are rich in age-defying antioxidants.
Opt for a scrambled egg as a before-bedtime snack and it would keep you full until morning and therewith provide your body with enough amount of tryptophan.
Nuts and Seeds
Peanuts and hazelnuts, as well as sunflower and sesame seeds are also the good sources of tryptophan that is necessary for good sound sleep. Even a peanut butter sandwich is good before-bedtime snack option.
Alongside with the consumption of ‘sleep-promotive’ foods you need to make sure you exclude ‘sleep-preventive’ ones, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee and other foods and drinks containing caffeine as well as alcohol and cigarettes.

Sep 13, 2011

Random Raya updates

Life has been hectic for me in the past few weeks, starting from one week before Eid right up to now, thus explains for the lack of posting from me. Been meaning and wanting to write about a lot of things and  I have loads of photos (but most of them are not relevant anymore now, the previous post was in the draft for weeks...). Anyway, I think it's not too late for me to post something about  our raya celebration which is still going on until the end of this month... and there will be more open house invitations this coming weekend....

The first activity after 'solat sunat eid-ul-ftr would be the big breakfast with lontong and ketupat. This year my mother in law prepared special dish of laksa Johor (it was the first time I tasted her laksa Johor after all this year but it worth the wait ). Then, it was the photography session for every member of the family. It is done biennially since we alternate our 'first day celebration' between Johor (hubby's hometown) and Kedah (my hometown). So this year we went back to Johor first and the photo session was with the family from my hubby's side. Unfortunately, one of his sisters could not make it for this year...

After having the "big" photo with everybody in the family, there were individual family photos...each family normally wore their own distinct colour tones so that it would be easier for the grandparents or great grand aunties/uncles to recognise which parents for the children (they would normally identify them by the colour code of the family).

This year, we were wearing brown...almost the same tone with my in laws...


Right after photo sessions, it was the most exciting time for the kids as they got to line up to meet with the uncles and aunties for 'duit raya' distribution.  Then, we were off to visit all the old relatives around the area, there were 7 cars convoying to the designated houses...

There would be the eating and drinking and eating and drinking and endless chatting... the only one drawback was there were a lot of carbonated drinks served by these kampung folks as the children simply loved drinking them and the adults were not exempted.... I believe I had gained 2 kg this raya (I'll have to follow my exercise routine after this, hopefully... )

On the next day, right after breakfast we went back to Kedah to celebrate with my family...

Sep 12, 2011

green updates

It has been ages since I last updated anything about my garden... well, now I guess it was abandoned by my hubby since he has been busy with other things... huh, so much for going green lifestyle...

Anyway, there are a few things that I would like to share about our so-called garden... First, my pumpkin patch finally has produced some yield, this is the the first one and had been cooked at the middle of ramadhan, now I'm about to harvest the second one... so that I can cook pengat afterwards...  

Secondly,  my screwpine (pandan) has showing some green and I've been using it a few times in my cooking...

And, the most exciting of all is when our mango tree is finally showing some flowers for the first time after years of waiting... the thought of eating fresh mangoes right from the tree is sooo thrilling...can't wait...

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