Jun 19, 2012

Father's Day and cakes story...

On father's day weekend, the girls attempted baking carrot cake for the first time for their dad. It turned out great and dad loved it very much. It was so creamy yet crunchy with lots of walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

 Just a week before, it was my birthday and the kids suggested that we brought creme brule cheese cake  since they had never tried it before ( tho i have tried it). So, on the way back from the wedding one weekend we stopped by a secret recipe restaurant to buy the cake. Sadly, tho it was out of stock.

Since it was late in the afternoon and we were tired after attending two weddings, we bought  this 'choc cheese berry' cake instead... never tried it before and it's not bad, very rich in chocolate, cheese and rashberry...

here goes the cake (the first cake four days before D day)

Then, on Tuesday we went to Cameron Highlands and we bought some strawberries back. the girls secretly had planned to bake another cake for my birthday.

So, this is the final product...chocolate strawberry cake for mom...

...served with homemade chocolate and Cameron orange slices...scrumptious!!!

Thanks girls...we love you guys

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  1. sedapnya kek tu!!
    nak sikit jugak,


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