Oct 5, 2012

National Conference - Vocational Education

I attended this conference last month in Avillion Legacy, Malacca. The hotel is elegant and we had an awesome time there even though the schedule was quite packed for us.

There were distinguished guest speakers from Austria, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand who shared their priceless information and experience with all of us regarding their vocational education. All of the speakers had enlightened and lifted our spirit to transform into vocational college next year... Hence, we came up with a number of resolutions at the end of the 4-day conference. Most importantly, the  Director of Technical and Vocational Division claimed that Avillion was chosen as our venue was due to the fact that it resembles most buildings in Austria.

I was among the 300+ participants who attended the conference represented technical and vocational  schools from all over the country.

I got to meet friends from my former schools in Pahang, Kelantan, Selangor and Sabah. Apart from familiar faces, I also  made new friends at the conference...

P/S: Latest info - Even though we are all set to transform into vocational colleges next year, some of the schools including mine will be taking students for technical courses.

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