Feb 1, 2011

January Reflections

Look at today's date....OMG! it's the first of February already..ermm..how fast time flies (they say time flies when we have a good time, but did I have good times in Jan?)

Well...Let's see, actually I have this intention to write a reflection at the end of every month in this blog, so that I can keep track with all the achievements and happenings throughout the month. January had been a hectic month with all the plannings, meetings, deadlines and executions, but so far so good...none of the those aforesaid matters is outstanding, except for the ongoing projects(huhu, projects make them sound very important.....but they are....)

I'm well aware that I haven't written any goals or resolutions for this year, but I've made a mental note of it and here it goes:

  •  have a healthy lifestyle
  • get more organized - at work and home
  • be a better wife, mother and teacher
  •  read 10 novels for this year
  •  spend more quality time with my family
I know this list might seem simple and rather common but it requires a lot of time and efforts from me in order to make it works...the intention was there but the time had always failed me in the past.

Last January was the experimental stage and i have started to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating more heathily. For instance, I started to drink lotta green tea intead of coffee, take oats for breakfast,cut down on fat and red meat (and eating out)...the only thing that is difficult for me to do is to exercise regularly...o.k. we have this cross-trainer at home for more than two years but I only remember myself being exercise on it for about twenty times....so, starting this month, I'm hoping to exercise on it at least three times a week. 

I think I'm more organized this year (at least at work as I have alot of reminders on post-its) but I have to try harder at home (post-its just don't work at home). Being busy at work a.k.a school, I was just completely drained of my energy at home...thus, I just wanted to lie down whenever i get home ( and I think you know the rest as i do not have a maid).

 However, I strongly believe that I have become a better wife, mother and teacher. I make it a point to spend more time with my family especially in the weekends. Helping my hubby at the garden tending the plants and my children with the homework (and shopping...haha..)really closer our ties ....

As for my reading...it's true I haven't started reading yet but it is my personal goal to achieve. Last year, I managed to read 7 books and the year before, it was 9...so this year I targeted 10...I have no qualm about it now cause I normally start reading during the school holidays....

Well, I guess I shouldn't be too ambitious but live my life one day at a time ...after all, it was only the first month of the year....

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