Apr 28, 2011

Book Fair

It's that time of the year again...KL Book Fair 2011, it's the time that is much awaited by my daughter, Nani. This is the time when she can bargain with her dad to buy her as many novels as she could. This is the time when the dad gives in to the wishes of the daughter.

It's not so much excitement for her sister, Mimi for she is not an avid novel reader like her big sister. Nonetheless, the idea of going and feasting her eyes with zillions of books makes her as eager as her sister wanting to go to the fair...It has been a yearly event for our family since the past three years.

Last Saturday, we went to the fair after school and a wedding - hubby said since we were not so far away from PWTC, so we better stop by to have a look. I was dead tired and not keen of going but the children were more than happy to do so. As expected, the place was as crowded as ever but we managed to hustle through amongst the crowd to grab some books (novels and some reference books).

Nani was the happiest, she got 7 Malay novels of her choice and even got the chance to have three of them signed by the authors.

Then, on Monday dad took them there again after school. I was not going since I was busy at school, but did order two novels for myself...hehe... thank you, Dear.

Yes, finally I got my hands on these two books.....

Nevertheless, I still can't compete with Nani who has the total of 15 novels; although all of which (except for one that managed to be 'smuggled' away by her) are kept in a hiding for her reading pleasure after the BIG exam.......which means in December. 

Really hope that she is patient enough to wait till then.....


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