Jul 18, 2011


It was the third time we were invited to the BBQ at my sister in-law's place in Kota Kemuning. Previously, my  hubby would come up with lots of excuses for not going. Last Saturday, however, he had no choice but to attend it since his eldest brother came all the way from JB to meet his two sons who work in KL. My sis in-law's house has always been a meeting place for the family from my hubby's side. So, she called my hubby and her other brother in Shah Alam to meet at her place. Her newly-bought house is suitable for barbecuing for it has a big compound along with a water feature surrounded by tropical plants, which makes it cool and relaxing (to add to the mood...)

She is a SAHM and very lucky indeed to have a husband who can cook like a chef and loves to experiment with food and her children love to help out at the kitchen, so her task of preparing the BBQ became easier as she had a lot of helps. Her husband prepared almost everything from the meats to potatoes to the sauce. ( I just love, love his home-made tartar sauce and brought back some for my fish and chips, he he )      

Her third son was never tired of grilling the meats for everybody

And of course, there were some delicious home-made muffins, plus the doughnuts we bought at J.CO 

and some fruits salad....

After eating, the boys and the gentlemen tested their skills playing table-tennis. I had never known my hubby used to play before. Aan played for the first time in his life and he seemed to enjoy it. It was good for him as he was sweating a lot, he seldom perspires these days as he only plays computer games at home. Perhaps we should buy him a new bicycle so that he will play outdoor, sometimes....

The girls were riding their cousins' bicycles even though they were a little too small for them. We went back at about 9.30 when Nani was about to doze off on the sofa...It's been a long but memorable day..

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