Jul 3, 2011

Book of record

2nd of July 2011, some 4.13 million students from 9,980 primary and
secondary schools nationwide joined a simultaneous run and set a
record for having the largest participation of school students in a run.
The run, held in conjunction with the launch of the "One Student, One Sport"
policy, was flagged off by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the
Dataran Perbandaran Taiping. It is a new in Malaysia Book of Records as the most participants in one event. 

The run was held as early as 7.45 in the morning and was joined by the teachers and parents. As for my school, there were only few parents showed up and about 10 or so teachers joined the run. I was among the teachers who joined the run and I got number 4 for teacher's category. However, I didn't get the prize because the prizes were only for the first until third place for that category. It was only 1.5 km run and I was having fun...... so the prize doesn't really matter.

And the good thing is we are taking a day off on Monday.... 

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