Aug 12, 2011

Change of heart

A couple of months ago, one of our colleagues had made a drastic move when he decided to leave the teaching profession and to join a business with a friend or rather, a couple of his friends. The business sounded lucrative as I heard he was determined to apply for early retirement and forget about teaching. Nonetheless, our principal had advised him against the idea and asked him to apply for an  unpaid leave instead (to which he agreed to...)

His departure came as a shock to many of us, but some had already suspected so. There was no secret that he was doing the business apart from teaching... and everybody was aware of the fact that he was driving a big continental car (which obviously ordinary teachers like us can't afford, unless we're married to a businessman/woman or a contractor. I know quite a number of them who have super rich spouse but that is beside the point). 

Well, he just left without saying goodbye properly and we were just hoping all the best to him as we know that he was really going (for good). There were actually mixed reactions as he was leaving, some didn't really care as it doesn't have an immediate affect on them but for the others (esp. those who are in the same department with him) it was like having one part of their body ripped off from them.  Pity them, they had to cover for his classes and even mark the exam paper on his behalf...

Eventually, they had accepted the fact that he was gone and got by just fine ... However, there was another surprise for every body at school when he was sort of suddenly coming into sight two weeks ago. Initially, most of us assumed that he just came to pay a visit to old colleagues but we thought wrong, he came to rejoin the rest of us to teach...

Well, the point here is that no matter how lucrative the business world might seem out there, it will not work for us if we are not ready for it. And another thing, I don't think that teaching has lost its shine - it's us, the teachers who've made it loses its shine...just think about it.

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  1. 'it's us, the teachers who made it loses its shine'

    saya suka quote ni..hehe


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