Mar 14, 2012


Khal or Vinegar in English is probably one of the oldest and most versatile food item known to us. Nevertheless, I've  never thought that it (dates vinegar) could be used as medicine and what more shocking to me that it has been used as medicinal property since the beginning of Islam (maybe even longer than that) and was one of prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) favourite food.

And in an authentic hadith, the prophet (peace be upon him) has said 
''the best condiment is vinegar."

Thus, I've tried to find this date vinegar and been asking around. Thanks to a friend who has been taking this dates vinegar and had seen the result, introduced me with this along with some herbs...

I googled for more information about the health benefits of it and found it here

Dates vinegar has been used for years as both food and medicine in the Middle East and amongst the health benefits of dates vinegar are:
  • Weight Loss: Drinking dates vinegar will help suppress your appetite and reduce hunger.
  • Prevent cancer: As with eating apricot seeds, regular intake of dates vinegar will help prevent abdominal cancer.
  • Weak heart: Dates vinegar drink is an excellent remedy for weak heart.
  • Eases child birth: Drinking dates vinegar will ease the pain of childbirth. They are known to contain hormones which strengthen the uterus, help produce milk for nursing mothers and also prevent blood loss after childbirth. It also help built strength during convalescing.
  • Menstrual disorder: Help with menstrual disorders
  • Strengthen immunity system: The regular cleansing of the system will remove toxins from the body. This will help strengthen the immunity system. It will also helps in the gastric inflammation and relief constipation.
  • Being high in iron & potassium, it is good for Anemia
  • Fatigue: High in energy and is therefore good for fatigue.
  • Cough: Help to relief sore throat, persistent cough and removing phlegm.
  • Relieves headaches due to heat
  • Heals burns & skin inflammations when applied

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