May 23, 2011

Exam Fever

This week is the final week for the first term (semester) and soon it will be a school break. For most schools, it's the exam week. As for my school, it's been the third week of the Mid Year Examination.

Students are answering Engineering drawing paper 

One week before the exam, the students attended answering techniques conducted by every panel for each short, they are well-equipped prior to the exam....All the best to all of my students...

And now, it's my turn as the teacher to mark all these exam papers. Now I'm in the midle of marking and taking a short break for writing this post...and really hope that I could finish it before the mid term holiday so that I could take my mind off school for a while (two weeks) hehe...


  1. wah..
    gambar saya dalam tu..
    thanks teacher

  2. berbaloi ke bengkel tu..? kahkahkah


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