Nov 9, 2011

Blessing moments

It's the time of the year when we are having an event that called " Majlis Restu Ilmu". It has become a yearly event at almost every school of late especially when the BIG day is nearing...SPM examination.

This is the time when students come to meet all the teachers and ask for their forgiveness and blessings. It was a touching moment for me when some of the students came with tears rolling down their cheeks asking for forgiveness. It does not necessarily mean that they have done great sins or broken my heart or anything like that. Its just their ways of coming clean with us, the teachers, so they believe that they would answer the exam well...

Some of them even came with their parents thanking us and asking for our blessings. I believe it was be due to the fact that this year's program was conducted by the president of PTA of our school who happens to be a motivator. He had given a very moving speech that touched deep in our hearts; the students, parents and  teachers.

The president with his beloved daughter

Some of the supportive parents

In the past, the relationship between students and teachers was clearly defined. The teacher's role was to teach while the student's was to learn. But now this relationship has been somewhat different and we know that teachers too have a lot to learn from the students as well as their parents... I guess the relationship now has been a two way street...and I must admit that I've learn a lot from my students...

Anyway, to all my beloved students and daughter, I'm wishing you

"All The Best In Your Exam... Do your Best!"

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