Jun 20, 2011

Ice Room

It's a relatively new restaurant in the neighbourhood and it was the first time we went there for father's day celebration yesterday.

There are varieties of selection of its famous snow/shaved ice and ice blended drinks....the kids were so excited and wanted to try all of them...in addition, there is also a section where they put all sort of magazines for the customers to read while waiting for the food to arrive.

Aan is enjoying his yam snow ice....he didn't even order food since he had a heavy breakfast in the morning

Nani and Mimi were both having spaghetti Bolognese  and a bowl of snow ice each with their favourite varieties, strawberry for Mimi and mango for Nani.

Most of all we were celebrating dad on his special day ( Happy father's day)....over all, i would say the food here was okay, nothing extraordinary about it but the snow ice was great, the kids were enjoying it and I enjoyed mine..blueberry with lotta nuts....yummy... 

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