Jun 3, 2011

Off duty

TGIF.......and I'm officially off duty today.... it was only two days of stand-by duty and I'm all burnt out. It was not because loads of the work that I had to do, but rather it was nothing that need to be done. I mean I really did something but of course I could do it without being presence at work like alternately surfing the net and marking the exam papers. Really, I would prefer doing it at the comfort of my home rather than being stuck alone at my office waiting for nothing to happen. But, I needed to be there for two boring days.....

Anyway, that had been taken care off and today, I will enjoy the remaining days of the mid term break without thinking of work after I've finished marking (hopefully by noon). I'll be doing the spring cleaning and reorganizing around the house..... alerting all the kids to tidy their rooms.

I'll be enjoying the rest of the holidays....attending weddings, going for a picnic maybe, shopping (of course), celebrating my birthday (coming soon), reading, entertaining my mom and probably doing nothing (hehe, I like the sound of that, practically doing nothing...) 

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