Nov 14, 2010


I learnt some shocking facts about Malaysian students when I was invigilating MUET (Malaysian University English Test) at a local university yesterday. The first thing that learnt is that these students have rather lackadaisical attitude about almost everything...they didn't really care if they brought all the things required for the exam...such as the exam slip, identity card or the stationery. A number of them left their exam slips or rather lost them....while some didn't even bother to put their IC on the table (only did reluctantly when they were asked to do so....)

One funny incident occurred when one candidate brought only one pen and it was just happened to be that his pen was out of ink during the exam, one of my friends had to borrow a pen from the other candidate for him so that he could continue answering..... and the other incident when one of the candidates was caught writing someone else's index number on his answer sheet (for whatever reason it was.....)

These incidents showed that the university students in Malaysia have some serious attitude problems. Even though the situation above only happened during that particular time, we can infer that it is the reality among students nowadays and it reflects the attitude of young generation as a whole.......

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