Mar 30, 2011


Sultan Sulaiman Shah School or famously known as 4S is about 1 km away from our school, but this morning was the first time I've ever  been to the school. It came as a shock (both to me and the Australian delegates whom I was  accompanying) when we learnt that our bus could not access to the school as there was a narrow entrance and it was impossible for the bus to make a u-turn. Hence, we had to walk through the shoplots and housing area to reach the school. The sight of us walking invites some curious stares from the people in the area. It was indeed a rare sight for some foreigners to be walking around the town in local school uniforms.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the kompang and the representative from the Australian Embassy, followed by the usual opening ceremony and welcome speeches.

After a short break, the students were taken to the classrooms for some interactive activities with the selected hosting students. Those students from 4S were very enthusiastic and bombarded the Aussie students with tons of questions. When the teachers joined in, they were also being attacked vigorously. Nonetheless, they were attentively listening to every explanation given. I could sense that these students visualising themselves being in one of Australian schools.

Then, after another break for lunch there was a showtime.....The closing ceremony was very entertaining when we were presented with cultural dances by the Indians and Chinese. The Indian classical dance was my personal favourite. She has done the school proud, especially her dancing teacher.

The Chinese dance...

More Indian dance... with candles

And last but not least, the Aussie (students and teachers) presented their national anthem..

This weekend, I'm taking two of the girls home.........

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