Mar 29, 2011

An Australian Affair

After much anticipation from us, finally on Monday, the Australian visitors arrived at about 6.30p.m at our school. The reception was done at the hostel. The guests were assigned to their respective rooms and after dinner, they were taken to town to buy their school uniforms. This morning, they joined the school assembly wearing the newly bought-unwashed-and-unironed school uniforms. Pity them, from their expressions I could tell that they were totally unimpressed with the uniforms but got to wear them anyway.    

The students are from five different schools in Melbourne ages between 14 to 16 years old. Most of them are bigger and taller than our average 16-17 years  old students. One of them could not find the uniform that fit her size, so that she got to wear her casual clothes to the class.

One obvious problem is the food.. They are not familiar with our food and most of them refused to eat our hot and spicy food especially in the morning. At the conference room, we had to order another set of breakfast - French toast for them.   

Two of accompanying teachers, Sam and Kim.

They put on boring expressions on their face which later were reprimanded by one of the teachers. I heard she said something about having manner and showing gratitude. I'm not blaming them, I know they must be tired from the travelling and one of them claimed to have a jet-lag.

Having a short rest while waiting for their class assignments. They will only enter the class for today to get the first-hand experience. There are many other activities lined up for them until the final day they are here. In the afternoon, they were taken to Bukit Melawati historical site in Kuala Selangor.

Two of the girls joined the physical education class in their school uniforms...

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